All­Ukrainian Sustainable Development and Investments Agency

Civil Society Organization (NGO)

About SDIA
is a newly created civil society organization (NGO). It was created with the aim toimplement projects focused on sustainable development of Ukraine (certificate of registration from the 27.02.2015 No 1430337).
The key sector, in which the organization is going to operate, is energy.

The objectives of SDIA are improvement of the conditions for investments attraction into the energy sector, to contribute to the sustainable energy development of Ukraine and introduction of the energy efficient solutions.
The SDIA’s activity envisages providing the measures targeted at facilitation of implementation of Ukraine’s commitments to the European Community in the part of energy cooperation. It includes energy efficiency, renewable energy, and diversification of energy supply.

Key directions:

  • The expert support in drafting of legislation for the Committee on Fuel and Energy, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Security of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.
    We involve experts to the policymaking process in the following areas: sustainable energy/renewable energy sources (RES) and energy ef iciency, oil and gas sector, nuclear power.
  • Creating of tools for attracting investments into the energy sector, mainly in the area of renewables and energy efficiency.
    Creating of databases and interactive maps; development of roadmaps as an algorithm for the implementation of sustainable energy projects in Ukraine.
  • Introduction of energy efficient solutions for cities, primarily for small cities in the regions of Ukraine.
    Development of concepts and strategies; search for financing of energy ef iciency projects.
  • Awareness raising of Ukrainian society about sustainable energy and energy efficiency in general.
    Creating of public information products to promote the use of renewable energy sources, energy ef iciency and the rational resource consumption. We take into account international experience when implementing energy ef iciency projects; involve civil society to the policy dialogue on sustainable development in the energy sector.
  • Support of women in politics and social activity.
    Contribution to the development of gender equality policy in Ukraine; providing opportunities to learn international experience in the implementation of gender policy.

Our team

Yulia Usenko (co-founder, chairman of the Board);

Anatoliy Deputat (co-founder, Project Manager);